CHLOE TEJADA, Journalist

April 11, 2017

Chloe and I used to work together at HuffPost Canada and we instantly bonded over our love of fashion. Earlier this year, she got candid with me about her hair, how it makes her feel and what she would have done differently with it. Read her story below. -- JB



I don't really care for my hair. I always find that no matter what state it's in, whether I've just blow dried it or straightened it or just showered or nothing's done to it, I'm never really satisfied with it. To me, it's just dull. I don't like the color, I don't like the texture. I think it always looks messy and unwashed, even though it's not. [laughs] In an ideal world, I would have Amy Adams' hair -- that nice red with all the curls. 



It's probably just fear that it will look bad. I've colored my hair once, but it was maybe four or six chunks when I was 19 and just about to go to university -- I had to be all cool and reinvent myself. I charged it to my mom's credit card and she got really angry because it was like a hundred bucks. But I haven't colored it since then, because I never know what to ask for and I never have a complete picture of what I want to look like. I see really cool celebrity haircuts, but I never think I would look good with them, so I don't even bother trying to change it. I should be more risky, but now I'm just like, "What if it look's horrible?" [more laughs]


I don't like a lot of maintenance with hair and beauty stuff. I guess that's why I've never really tried to do anything. With dying your hair, you have to get your roots done all the time, and I'm just partially too lazy to do that. 



I am very opposed to going grey. Currently, I have tiny white hairs around the front and sometimes I find them hidden when I'm brushing my hair. I hate it so much. I have these little scissors, so I'll just cut them. But I'll end up cutting other hair, too, so I have these tiny, little short patches of stubbly hair. It drives me crazy. I'm always cutting them and they grow back too fast, but I don't know what to do. I'm not ready to dye my hair, because there's not a lot, but I don't want them to grow out either. I'm just kind of waiting for something to happen that will force me to dye my hair. I don't care about grey hair on other women, but on myself, I feel very strongly about not having it. 


I think I just don't want to feel like I'm getting old or that I would be less desirable -- to I don't know whom. Mike [her husband] has grey hairs and I think it's so handsome. Of course I do, it's so typical -- salt and pepper, so hot -- but I'm chopping away my grey hair. It's so embarrassing. I know it's stupid, but I don't want to have those long wiry ones that are all over. 



I never feel like I have a good hair day. I just kind of tolerate my hair. Unless I just got a nice haircut at the salon, then I definitely feel really confident and relaxed. Swishing my hair about. If I just wash it and don't blow dry it, I usually leave it up and don't generally like the way it looks. I don't have any imagination to do anything with it, so I try not to think about my hair. If I'm going out and I need to look nice, I'll blow dry it or flat iron it. That can make a difference, because it doesn't look messy, but generally on a day-to-day basis, when I don't do anything to it, I definitely don't feel confident in myself when I look at my hair. It definitely affects the way I feel about how I look. 



One thing I do remember about experimenting when I was a teenager was putting blue mascara highlights in my hair -- that was the cool thing. I probably would experiment more, try different hairstyles, dye it more, not really care. I think I cared about what people thought of how I looked -- not just about my hair, but in general -- so I think I should've just not given a fuck about what my hair looked like and just went for it more. 


-- As told to Untangled. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Photos by Amy Buck. 



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