About Untangled

Untangled is a space for people to share stories about their hair — why it makes them unique, what it says about them, how it makes them feel. Hair is something we all have, at some point or another, and it’s so much more than a physical characteristic. It’s a tool for communicating to the world. Everything we do, or don’t do, with our hair says something about us and the world we live in. 

The idea to start Untangled came to Julia Brucculieri after she had bleached her naturally dark brown hair to a silvery shade of blonde and, eventually, pastel purple. The changes made her feel totally different about herself and people noticed. As she likes to say, she felt “instantly cooler” as soon as she walked out of the salon. 


But Julia was never seeking the attention. She just wanted a change. It just so happened the change would affect more than the strands on her head. 


As she continued to think about her own hair and how it altered her perception of herself, she thought about other people and how they may have had similar experiences. So she went on interviewing her friends and colleagues about their hair. And now, here we are. Ready to comb through the knots of life, through hair, one story at a time. 

(Gif by Diana Brucculieri)